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Get More Out Of Your Summer with Cameron Hughes

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Hey friends hey! Happy #WineDownWednesday and hump day to ya. The beautiful weather this week in North Carolina has me ready for fun in the sun and creating summer plans. Even when the temperatures heat up past the 90s and I get tired of repeatedly going to the pool, I have a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your summer with Cameron Hughes wine. By now, it’s no surprise to y’all that I am the ultimate wine connoisseur and CH wine is at the top of my list. Cameron Hughes is only one of a few Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) wine brands around. They source their wine and sell direct to the customer (us) – which is how we’re able to buy an $80 bottle of Cabernet for only $30. Plus, they focus on what’s in the bottle instead of fancy labeling which keeps their bottles affordable for every budget. And as a recent graduate living my freelance and entrepreneur dreams, quality matched with affordability is exactly what I’m looking for when purchasing anything, especially wine. So, if you’re looking for ways to get more out of your summer, here are my top 3 tips:

1 | Connect with local resources – Here in Greenville we have a town website, community calendar and Instagram hashtag to find all things happening around us. Most of the time, events and activities are free or have costs less than $10 attached to them. Whenever I’m feeling bored of the summer and need something fun to do, I head to the town website and see what’s going on. This summer, we have weekly Umbrella Market’s with different food, craft and farm vendors on Wednesday’s from 5-8 which is free to attend and dog friendly. We also have movies in the park on Friday nights at dusk and Sunday concerts at the amphitheater downtown which are open to the public and serve as a fun way to enjoy family and friend time. Typically, I go to 1 or 3 of these events weekly either with my pup or friends some friends in town to tag along with.

2 | Sunrise and Sundown fun – Y’all, I can be the first to admit that going out in 95 degree weather all day long is tiring after a while. So, I love to plan activities that can happen before 10am and after 8pm AKA out of the major direct sun hours. Last summer, one of my close friends and I would go to 6am walks/run in the greenway area as the sun was coming up and get breakfast at a cute coffee spot downtown. By the time we finished, it was around 8am and we could part ways, shower and get ready for our day with already having our workouts completed and breakfast handled. Not only was this a fun way to get out and avoid the heat, but also a way to spend quality time with a friend and get a head start on the day. Later in the evening, I would plan outdoor picnics and ice cream outings with patio seating when the sun started to set/temperatures began to drop around 8-8:30pm. I loved doing this because I felt like I could still enjoy some of my favorite summer activities but also beat the peak of heat during the day.

3 | Refresh your space – Okay friends, I must admit that I haven’t sat on my patio in about 2-3 years. I’ve had the same two chair and table bistro set out there since I moved in about 4 years ago but started to neglect my patio when college and life got hectic. I recently had been debating about moving to a bigger place (townhouse or duplex from my now condo) and challenged myself to start utilizing all my current space and to then decide. Y’all, once I cleaned off my patio a bit, rearranged my current furniture and added some decor, I realized how much space I actually had and different ways I could use it. So now, instead of thinking about moving in the midst of heat, working, traveling and more, I’m looking to invest in a patio sectional and table to create a better space to host guests this summer. As much as I love going out and enjoying a cocktails and treats locally, there’s nothing better than to be able to relax with friends in the comfort of your own home with a glass of wine in your hand.

Get a head start on your summer hosting with Cameron Hughes today and  get free shipping when you purchase 3 bottles of wine! Code is: INEEDWINE18 ?

Three bottles of Cameron Hughes whtie wine with pretzels and strawberries

Woman pouring a glass of Cameron Hughes Lot 588

Woman pouring Cameron Hughes Lot 588 for friends at a party

Three white wine bottles from Cameron Hughes wine

Woman in dress welcoming summer with a glass of Cameron Hughes red wine

Plus, here are the top 10 things I do each summer. What is your must-do list as the summer approaches?

One | Picnics

Two |Wine tours

Three | Renting bikes and exploring town

Four | Day trips to Norfolk, VA

Five | Conference hopping in NYC

Six | Day trips to DC

Seven | Midnight pool parties

Eight | Wine tasting hosting

Nine |Outdoor concerts

Ten | Beach run with my pup

Three bottles of Cameron Hughes Wine white wines paired with party snacks

Woman smiling and welcoming summer with Cameron Hughes red wine

Thanks so much for reading y’all! I hope you have a beautiful day and find time to enjoy the weather.





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