Lot 908 2019 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Russian River Valley Chardonnay produced in a rich, buttery style for Lot 908 from the 2019 vintage.

If California has an ideal template for rich, textured, creamy Chardonnay, it’s undoubtedly Montrachet (or “Le Montrachet”): the coveted Grand Cru of Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune, where France has set the world’s standard for heady, oak-influenced whites. And if California has its own “Montrachet,” it’s undoubtedly Sonoma’s Russian River Valley.

Situated just over 50 miles north of San Francisco, the Russian River is now synonymous with award-winning, critically-acclaimed Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, just like France’s fabled Burgundy itself. It’s always a treat to find the kind of hedonistic, creamy Chardonnay there that gets a lot of CH Wine aficionados swooning, and find one we did in Lot 908 2019 Russian River Valley Chardonnay.

We peeled this deliciously decadent Lot off from a higher-end producer who—luckily for us—didn’t end up needing a full allocation. After one taste, we grabbed it without hesitation so that we could offer you another rich, buttery-style Russian River Valley delight (at a gobsmackingly affordable price).

Fans of the style are going to want to stock up on Lot 908 before we run out of this delectable nectar. Waves of tropical fruit, ripe citrus, flower blossoms, peaches, apples, and toasty oak keep coming and coming in this Chardonnay, arriving like the tide with each sniff and sip. Speaking of seaside comparisons, you can almost feel your toes in the sand and the sun shining down on your face when this buttery, bold beauty hits your lips.

Watch as Chris Lafleur, Sommeliers Creed for Cameron Hughes walks us through a tasting.

Topics Include:

  • 00:00 Introduction to the Tasting Panel, Sommelier, and Lot 908
  • 00:15 About Chardonnay Grape and Varietal, and the Russian River Valley
  • 00:37 Limited Production / Small Batch aspect of Lot 908
  • 00:52 On the Nose of this Russian River Chardonnay
  • 01:28 Lot 908 Chardonnay Taste
  • 02:17 Where does it fit in your cellar? What food to pair this Chardonnay with?