Central Valley, CA by cacorks.com

Our good buddy John at California Corks has another wonderful video for you to check out! If you’ve ever wondered what the landscape of the Central Valley wine growing region in CA looks like, this is a great visual depiction.

Often overlooked for the more “desirable” Napa Valley or Sonoma visual landscapes, the Central Valley has produced some incredible wines, in a region marked by brown grass (most of the year) and pock marked tree sets (as you’ll see in the aerial views from John’s video).

As well, he gives you a look inside and around a few wineries from the region, all of which can be found on his site’s large winery database.

Cheers, and enjoy the video!

cacorks.com Just Got a Makeover!

Hey everyone!  Our customer John K. has just revamped and relaunched his passion project: cacorks.com.

For those who haven’t seen John’s content here on the blog before, he has assimilated a massive directory of CA wineries, listed by name or broken down by region. This is an incredible resource site if you’re travelling to CA and want to know where to go, or what’s around you if you’re unfamiliar with your destination area.

John’s blog is also worth your time on the cacorks site as he gives tasting notes for wines he’s enjoyed, musings on the wine world, wineries, and customer tasting room experiences.

And of course he’s continuing to expand his winemaker interview video series, this installment comes from Jim Mirowski of Treasure Island Wines!

Customer Take Over: Patriot Owen B

Our final installment in the Customer Take Over series comes to us from the very patriotic Patriot Owen B and the Most Dangerous Ways crew.

Based on the Lot bottles shown, they’ve been around for quite some time.

The title says it all, “Most Dangerous Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine”

and with that, we’ll let The Patriot take it away…

Customer Take Over: John Krause

John submitted this interview video for a web redesign project he is working on.  Aside from this, and being a customer of ours, John runs the website California Corks, filled with wineries as a database to help you plan your CA wine country tours, resources for wine region maps, tasting tips, and more!  We can’t wait for the web redesign to be finished which will include more winemaker interviews like the one above, focusing on the California winery experience.  Check it out!

In this video, Ken Post from Fäsi Estate Winery is interviewed, and he comes off as the archetypal Central Valley winemaker.  He’s well spoken, sweet, fun loving, knowledgeable, willing to experiment, and honest.

Not to mention, the video production level is quite nice, aside from a bit of cellar echo, but well, that too is honest, so no harm, no foul.

Please enjoy, and thank you John!