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Four Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

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Do you ever feel like you need to reconnect with your spouse after a long work week? Most couples know they are supposed to have date nights, but between jobs and children, it is hard to find time alone together. My husband and I decided to make Friday nights our standing “at home date night” after the girls go to sleep.

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Implementing a weekly or monthly date night can strengthen your marriage. Giving one another your undivided attention and rekindling those pre-marriage feelings of date night are easy with a glass of wine and one of these fun activities. Just make sure to turn off your cell phone so you can fully reconnect with your spouse.


Couple playing cards while enjoying wine and snacks outside

There are countless games for two players that you and your spouse can play during date night. From card games to board games, you’re bound to have an evening of unforgettable fun with one-on-one time together. Plus, a little friendly competition can ignite some sparks in your night (good ones of course!).


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My husband and I have been together since we were in our late teenage years and we love to look back at all of the photographs from our pre-marriage, pre-children college days. Some people don’t print photos anymore, but we make a point to put together photo albums every couple of months so we have hard copies of our past.


A couple reading a book on a love seat outside while enjoying wine

There are tons of questions for couples books that you can pick up the store, but I like to play “Would You Rather?” with my husband. It’s an easy silly game when you make up scenarios that are hard to choose between or you can print out a list of questions from the internet. We always end up laughing until our faces hurt when we play question games.


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Grab a bottle of wine, some sushi, and candles, then set up a romantic dinner on the back patio. Turn on your favorite playlist and talk about the future. Sometimes just talking about future plans can be a way to reconnect with your spouse, especially when you think back to all the plans you made for yourselves before you were married.

Cameron Hughes Lot 537 with a corkscrew and two wine glasses in a picnic basket

Winding down at the end of a busy week with a glass of Cameron Hughes wine has become necessary for my husband and me. I am a huge fan of all of Cameron Hughes wines – especially the red wines. Cameron Hughes Wine is all about what’s inside the bottle – there’s no fancy label and a simple website. Who doesn’t love high quality wine at affordable prices?

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When you barely see your husband during the week, make sure you schedule a standing date night when you can reconnect. Spending quality time with your spouse encourages communication, which is an essential element of a healthy and strong marriage. Make sure you remove all distractions  – work, kids, pets, etc. – and really pay attention to one another. Fall in love all over again!



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