What We Are Listening To: “Something’s Gotta Give” Soundtrack – VA

Tom is listening to the soundtrack from the film Something’s Gotta Give, and while our first response was something akin to, ‘dude, are you feeling ok? ‘ it totally makes sense after a full spin of the record:

“One album that I really appreciate is the soundtrack from the movie Something’s Gotta Give co-starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Diane Keaton gives one of the best performances I’ve seen, and the movie is hilarious. I watched the movie about ten years ago for the first time, and one of the many reasons that I appreciate it is because it introduced me to artists like Charles Trenet, Astrud Gilberto, and Stephane Grappelli that have since become some of my all-time favorites.”

A beautifully jazzy soundtrack, the compilation features a span of generations and global regions to create an all encompassing portrait of world perspectives on the genre from known and lesser-known names in the Jazz world (depending on where you live of course).  Perfect for mornings, evenings, or chillout sessions over some wine at anytime of the day, we hope you enjoy the album as much as Tom does, and possibly find some new favorite artists as well!

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