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Surviving the Summer Balance

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When summer rolls around, folks have everything planned out. You already know what trips you’re taking and the days you’ll be heading to the beach. For me, summer isn’t about the fun, it’s more about the balance and surviving.

As a wedding photographer, peak season for most of us is Spring to Fall. Therefore, we find ourselves booked every weekend, sometimes all three days and not just on a Saturday, and finding time to unwind, relax, and have fun is difficult. This is what my ideal schedule looked like last week: Monday – Corporate event, Tuesday – pack for the move, Wednesday – Corporate event, Thursday – wedding, Friday – move, Saturday – wedding, and Sunday – wedding.

Fresh salad bowl paired with Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 622 Riesling

That’s why I was excited I was able to experience Cameron Hughes wine over the last weekend in a the midst of a hectic week. A glass of Riesling, bowl of salad (yes, salad! I’m trying to do this whole vegan thing), and my laptop was all I needed for a few moments. The simplicity of the bottle doesn’t equate to the exquisiteness of the wine inside. It was smooth, refreshing, and at the end of my glass, made me feel like I could take over the world if I wanted to. Thanks to Cameron, he samples the wines before they are distributed so I can Netflix and chill in confidence without thinking whether or not the best wines made into my home.

Not only do they have a variety of wines to choose from, especially my favorite – the Lot 622 Riesling, you can guarantee that you’re getting the bottles directly from the source. Cameron Hughes wine is one of the few companies that distribute directly to the consumer. They make sure that not only are you getting quality wines to sip on during your summer shenanigans, but you’re able to do so without paying the extra costs other distributors add on by the time it gets to you. Imagine copping an $80 wine at the liquor store, only to find out you can get it for $30 delivered to your door? Exactly! Cameron Hughes gives quality without cutting corners and delivers it right to your steps. It saves you money and a trip to the wine store and as far as I can see, this is a double win. You don’t have to worry about what you’re bringing to the summer barbecue because it’s showing up just in time to share with friends.

Cameron Hughes Lot 622 Riesling with a fresh salad

Wine can turn a summer thunderstorm into the perfect excuse for staying home. It upgrades your basic date from just drinks at the bar to romance at a table. It’s a simple gesture that upgrades your entire life and the best way to survive summer is doing whatever you do with a glass of Cameron Hughes on hand.

PS: I know you’re in the midst of planning your summer, unlike me. Here’s a code for free shipping when you purchase 3 bottles of wine: INEEDWINE18 . You can’t say I never helped you out. 



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