Wine bottle lineup from the cellar with each bottle dusty and a mix of red and white wines


The last Saturday in February is reserved for Open That Bottle Night.

That’s tomorrow night!

Last year we spoke in some depth on the history of this modern drinking holiday and what it represents.

A very brief recap: We all get stuck with that bottle of wine that is too special to open, ever, but time is against us with wine (at some point it’ll just become special or expensive vinegar), so this is the night to open that bottle and enjoy it!

This year it happens to fall on the last day of February in a leap year, essentially a bonus calendar day, so yeah…OPEN THAT BOTTLE TONIGHT!  It’s a bonus day as it is, so no harm in losing it to a special bottle, or two…or three……………

PRO TIP: Open the most special bottle first, you won’t be able to appreciate it the same later in the evening, trust us.




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