Cork screw and wine bottle. Opening a wine bottle with a corkscrew in a restaurant

#OTBN 2021

Today (February 27) marks the annual festivities of OTBN or Open That Bottle Night, a night dedicated to opening a special bottle of wine you’ve been holding on to where the reason to open it may have passed.

Really, the focus is on telling the story of what that wine was to be opened for, and how that time has come and gone, and you’re still with the bottle – while drinking it finally, today.

People pass away, relationships crumble, dates get missed, people move away, and sometimes bottles get lost, then found again.  All these and more are reasons to be left with a bottle too special to open on any random Tuesday night, but no reason in the foreseeable future to save for.  Tonight is the night, to open that bottle.

As we continue to celebrate #febisnebb on the blog here, know that we’ll be opening a very special bottle of Nebbiolo this evening, but we’re still undecided if it’ll be our Barolo or Barbaresco…who knows, maybe both?

While telling your story and enjoying your bottle tonight, remember to join the community online this year by using the hashtag #otbn and #otbn2021





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