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Off The Beaten Path: Hawai’i

Well, if they make wine in Tahiti, they can surely make wine in Hawai’i – and they do.

Not just fruit wines, but grape wine too.

Volcanic soils are dominant and ridges in the high altitudes of the volcanic mountains are used to plant grapes above 1500 feet.  The majority of plantings reside on the island of Maui and are largely of the Symphony white grape variety.  Symphony is a cross between the Muscat of Alexandria grape and the Grenache gris mutation generally used for blending, but produced as a single varietal wine in Hawai’i.

Other varietal wines can be found from Pinot Noir and Cayuga grapes.

Hawai’i currently has 3 active wineries and 2 vineyards as of this writing.

In addition to grape wine, Hawai’i is famous for their Pineapple Wine which comes in still and sparkling stylings.  Other offerings from the island include grape and fruit/nut infusions of wine.  Grapes are blended with Jaboticaba berries, Guava, and Macadamia nuts.



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