Malbec wine vines in a row with a sign reading "Malbec"

It’s World Malbec Day!

To celebrate World Malbec Day, we thought we’d share some fun facts about Malbec!

A glass of Malbec being enjoyed at an outdoor patio firepit

  • While we Americans have recently had Malbec become a part of the collective wine connoisseur consciousness, it has actually been popular in Argentina for over a century
  • Malbec was originally used only for blending in France
  • The high-desert climate actually makes for a better glass of wine due to a thicker grape skin and more concentrated fruit
  • The French see Malbec as a second-class grape, unlike Argentinians who treat it with premier esteem
  • 75% of Malbec plantings globally are in Argentina, essentially Argentina has saved Malbec
  • Malbec is the 4th most popular grape in America
  • Malbec’s original name is Côt
  • Malbec is versatile, even in its youth.  A number of facets like smokey notes are indicative of either oak or bottle ageing, not necessarily with Malbec, the grape can showcase terroir in ways other grapes cannot in its younger bottle years
  • Malbec is made as a Rosé and a sparkling wine in addition to the more commonly seen red wine variation
  • Before American prohibition, Malbec was actually a popular jug wine in the US
  • April 17th is a historic day for Malbec, hence World Malbec Day.  On April 17th, 1853 Pedro Pascual Segura (the governor of Mendoza) submitted a bill that was enacted into law for the creation of the School of Agriculture run by agronomist Michel Aimeé Pouget who brought Malbec from France to Argentina.  This date is considered the day that revolutionized winemaking in Argentina, a day worthy of celebration!

A sign posted to a Malbec vine resembling the Argentinian flag with a sun face and blue and white stripes



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