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Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini

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Cheers to the school year starting to wine-down!

Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini paired with wine

That’s right… school year wine-down! As a teacher, it’s been one loooong one. Even though my school is ending earlier than expected due to construction (YAY!), the last few days are seeming to slither on by.

Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini on a cutting board with mint leaf garnish

The nights are getting longer, and with the end-of-the-year quickly approaching, patio nights are becoming a frequent occurrence. Wait, I mean my weekly wine-down is becoming a necessity. ?

I know this isn’t the first time you’ve probably heard about my love of warm summer nights, patio drinks, WINE AND CHEESE! I just can’t wait for you to join me now, because we all deserve to wine-down together!

Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 549 Chardonnay paired with Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini

To that I say, what better way to celebrate the beginning of summer and patio happy hours than with an appetizer spread, complete with Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini and an assortment of affordable, high-quality wine?! You can’t forget friends and a bonfire, of course. Anything else I need to add to an epic evening of a summer wine-down? I don’t think so!

Can we talk about Cameron Hughes wine for a minute, too? They are, after all, the reason we’re here for this wine-down. Not like we needed much arm twisting, because the nature of Cameron Hughes wine makes it an excellent option to fuel your end-of-year celebrations as the sun sets over your patio.

Cameron Hughes red wine being enjoyed alongside Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini

Living that teacher life, affordable wine is a requirement. Regardless of whether or not you’re a teacher, I’m willing to bet we can all get on board with sticking to the budget while drinking delicious wine. So I have a special offer for you – free shipping when you purchase 3 bottles of wine! Use the code: INEEDWINE18. 

Two red wine glasses cheers above a board of Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini with Cameron Hughes Wine bottles in the background

The wine for our patio party is set, now onto the food! Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini is the ultimate summer appetizer. Sticking to our theme of affordable, delicious, approachable, and easy, this appetizer is the way to go.

Friends enjoying Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini with Cameron Hughes wines

I know, I know… have you figured out that I’m basically obsessed with crostini?! I’m pretty sure you are too, so another recipe FTW. When I think about a patio party with friends to kick off the summer, I don’t want to waste time in the kitchen. I want a quick, easy recipe that allows me to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine and extra laughs with friends instead.

Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini with wine and a vegetable dipping tray

Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini is so dang easy. The only thing you need to really even make is the crostini (cheater route: just buy it pre-made, although as always I think fresh is best). Spread on a schmear of burrata cheese, some mint and lemon juice, a drizzle of honey and pepper, and away we go!

Blackberry Burrata Mint Crostini with a veggie tray in the background

BURRATA. Talk about obsessed! This creamy mozzarella cream blend is out. of. this. world. It’s soft, it’s creamy, it’s the perfect balance to the sweet berries, honey drizzle, and refreshing mint. I couldn’t have burrata as part of every meal, until the day I die.

I can’t get it outta my head. Good thing it’s Friday again…summer wine-down party, commence!

To serve the full spread as pictured, check out these recipes: Roasted Garlic HummusCreme Fraiche Dip, and Milk Chocolate Scotcheroos!

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