Wine Tasting Party with DIY Sandwich Bar

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Celebrate the season by hosting a casual outdoor Wine Tasting Party with DIY Sandwich Bar. This is easy (and delicious) entertaining at its best! Get the details + a free printable shopping list here.

Cheers you guys! I’m excited to share this new home entertaining party post because it’s all about variety in wine and food! I partnered with Cameron Hughes to create this wine tasting party with diy sandwich bar, and it was such a hit with guests.

We officially opened up the patio for spring and summer entertaining, and invited a few friends over to taste wine and build their own sandwiches. The idea was that variety is the spice of life! There were choices in the wines to taste, as well as choices in building individual sandwiches. Check out all the details below, plus get your FREE SHIPPING CODE when you purchase 3 bottles of Cameron Hughes wine.


Wine tasting doesn’t always have to be fancy, or served only for happy hour. Tasting wine is a way of life for so many of us, and featuring a varied selection in a casual supper setting is the perfect way to host a party this summer.

  • For this party on the patio I decided to use the knee wall as the buffet ‘table.’ I draped large quilted throws over the top to soften the edges and define different areas. I treated the space just as I would an indoor party, by placing the food to one side and the wine on the other.
  • Using wood crates is a great way to add height to a bar or buffet, plus it reinforces the wine theme. Another fabulous prop I used was the wooden barrel from my son’s room. It definitely gives off the winery vibe as it holds an ice bucket filled with white wine varieties.
  • To add some whimsy to the party I created small signs with quotes about wine. These are so fun for guests to read, and they always bring on a smile.
  • Guests are encouraged to build their own sandwiches with an array of choices from the diy sandwich bar. I created trays of fillings and toppings in a similar fashion as a cheese board. It makes for a beautiful and interesting presentation of the meats, cheeses, sauces, and toppings. See a full printable shopping list of items below, including edible flowers for stylish entertaining.
  • I provided several bread types: tortillas for wraps, party rolls for mini sandwiches, and sour dough slices for classic sandwiches.

PRO TIP: Fill a small bowl with crushed ice and place a small jar of mayonnaise or other cream-bases condiment, on top. Nestle it in so the ice can keep the sauce/dressing chilled for safety.

Do you know what the perfect summer dessert would be for this party? My stuffed strawberries and cream. They’re simple, delicious, and taste great with wine!


When it comes to wine tasting, there is no hard and fast rule as to what to serve. You can compare wines from the same region, the same varietal, or any random assortment. Cameron Hughes is an online resource for getting some of the best wine at a fraction of the price, due to their ‘direct-to-customer’ business model. For this particular party I had 3 bottles of red: zinfandel, red blend, and Cabernet; and 3 bottles of white: Riesling, and two different Chardonnays.

Guests can sample the wines and pair it with their sandwiches: red for roast beef, white for turkey, and either for the Italian charcuterie. Cameron Hughes has tasted thousands of wine samples and selected only the best for you and your guests.

Now that you know the details of my wine tasting party with diy sandwich bar, you can host your own party and entertain in style with my handy shopping guide. You can also shop Cameron Hughes online and use code INEEDWINE18 for free shipping on 3 bottles.



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