A charcuterie assortment paired with Cameron Hughes Wine

A Staycation Featuring Cameron Hughes Wine

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Cameron Hughes Lot 576 Chardonnay with lemons and dried peaches

Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 537 poured into a glass with candles and fresh flowers in the background

It’s no secret that I love wine, and it’s also no secret I get a little giddy when I find high quality wine at affordable prices! And Cameron Hughes Wine has some wines worthy enough to add to your Summer parties, or your Summer staycations!

With all the traveling I do, some of my favorites weekends are those spent at home with Matt with nothing to do. No house projects, no appointments, no social gatherings, no plans. These quiet weekends spent at home with the pups are some of our favorite times, and of course it calls for some good back-porch sipping wines like Cameron Hughes Wine.

Since we like to pretend we are on vacation there is no cooking! Instead Matt loves my charcuterie boards and that is usually our dinners that we have with our wine. It takes less than five minutes to make and always hits the spot!

Three bottles of Cameron Hughes wine with candles and fresh flowers in the background

Cameron Hughes Wine are perfect for these evenings because its exceptional wine at ridiculously low prices. You can get Napa cabs that would normally cost $100 for $30-$60 dollars. A high quality pinot noir for under $20.

But now you ask “how is this possible?”

Well it’s easy.  Cameron Hughes Wine is all about the wine, no fancy labels or website… just high quality wine at prices anyone can afford.  Cameron samples thousands of wine samples a year, picking out the best wine so you don’t have to drink the bad stuff.  Not too shabby of a job – am I right? Cameron Hughes Wines are one of a few Direct-To-Consumer wine brands, meaning they source the wine to sell directly to the customer.  With the traditional whole sale method (restaurants, grocery, etc.) the wine passes through at least three different distributors- driving up the price of wine.  There is no need to be involved in the wholesale method of selling wine because Cameron Hughes Wines sells directly to the customer online.

How to get the BEST deal on Cameron Hughes Wine:

Now you can enjoy these wines at an even better cost by using the Code INEEDWINE18 to get free shipping when you buy 3 bottles of wine.



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