A couple glamping, seated on a picnic table enjoying a wine-paired picnic meal

Glamping for Beginngers: Wine & Dine Al Fresco

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A couple cheers with wine glasses outdoors underneath a tree

We all know it gets waayy too hot in Houston. That’s why, right now, April and May is my ideal weather for outdoors. The sun shines most the month. The days are long with sunset around 8. These all make for the best glamping weather. Speaking of glamping, one of our favorite activities to do for a romantic night is dining al fresco. No lie, I seriously keep a picnic basket full of blanket and throws I use to set up an impromptu spread. Something about dining in the open air just makes me super relaxed. Here are a few tips to make your next al fresco experience more enjoyable:

Cameron Hughes red and white wines paired with sandwiches and snacks from a glamping lunch

1.     Let someone else do the cooking

I always say, my favorite food is anything I did not have to cook. Getting take out is the perfect solution for outdoor dining, especially while camping. I always incorporate easy to transport foods like oranges, strawberries, cheese and nuts for a snack too.

A woman examines a bottle of red wine while carrying a basket of fresh flowers outdoors

2.     Always bring wine

Summer and wine goes hand in hand. I love a crisp Riesling like the the lot 622 or 633 from Cameron Hughes. Kevin loves the rich taste of a cab or blend like Lot 925 and 915 from Cameron Hughes.

Cameron Hughes wine is only one of a few Direct-To-Consumer wine brands. Meaning they sell direct to the customer. This is the reason they are able to sell premium, luxury wines at ½ the price. The traditional wholesale method has passed hands more than 3 times with different wine distributors. Each time driving up the price of wine. I love the unique variety and the amazing selection they have as well!

Man sits on a picnic blanket outdoors with a sandwich, opening a bottle of white wine

Seated man pours himself a glass of white wine

3. Make it cozy

Bringing textures and layers turns a glamping picnic into a grammable moment. Layers of soft throws, leather or vegan leather picnic mats are not only functional but beautiful. Re-sealable containers and compostable single use serving wear makes clean up a breeze.

Ready for your own al-fresco spread? Make sure to stock up on Cameron Hughes for your next outing. Coupon code: Free shipping when you purchase 3 bottles of wine: INEEDWINE18

A couple enjoys a wine-paired meal while glamping

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