What We Are Listening To: “Brenton Wood’s 18 Best” by Brenton Wood

Maribel is always good for some jams.  Her current album of choice is Brenton Wood’s “Brenton Wood’s 18 Best” – and that is an accurate title for this oldies collection:

“When I was a teenager I went through an ‘oldies but goodies’ phase, my first concert I went to was to see Brenton Wood.  Those songs were classics 20 years ago and I still enjoy them now.  His hits have a fun energy and groove.”

In the early days of his career, Brenton produced singles for Brent Records and Wand records, none of which were able to chart.  By 1967 he moved on to Double Shot Records and got his first charted hit with the bouncy, soulful “The Oogum Boogum Song” and was shortly followed by “Gimme Little Sign” which never achieved number 1 status, yet sold over a million copies (quite a feat for a guy from Compton, CA by-way-of Shreveport, LA in the late 60’s) and became certified gold.  The beautifully angstful “Where were you” seems to act as a predecessor to songs like New Edition’s “Mr. Telephone Man” showing the pain one felt when they were unable to reach a love interest or lover, long gone are the days of that angst as we are all so immediately interconnected with cell phones and social media.  Vibe out and groove to this classic collection alongside Maribel…

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