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Rosé Fails

Rosé All Day?  Sure.

Get weird with Frosé?  Why not.

But sometimes humans just take it too far.  Here are some examples of when Rosé is just done the WRONG WAY.

Case in point, just put it in a glass…and we mean the wine glass:

The beaker is entirely, completely unnecessary, on so many levels.


And, as we mentioned, Frosé, yeah, we’re cool with that, unless it looks like a mound of poop…


And the vessel you drink it from DOES MATTER.  There is a science behind the shapes of stemware that enhances your experience with the wines.  Some people might wanna just stick to cans of beer and save the Rosé for others who know how to respect it…


Speaking of cans of beer, can we not respect the category of Rosé???  C’mon y’all…


Or, if you’re ‘fancy‘ and would “never drink from a can…” you can fail alongside this:

Truth be told though, we might have failed in that manner once or twice in the past…  Moving along!


Rosé and brunch have a certain seasonal harmony to them – we aren’t mad at that, but for the love of god…we don’t even know where to begin with this one…  *SPOILER ALERT* THEY DON’T!


So apparently a coffee shop didn’t get the memo on the “Pumpkin Spice” seasonal overkill thing, and decided to do this on the opposite side of the year:

☝️ = Dude, no.  Just no.  STOP BEFORE YOU START!!! (btw, we love you Philz, but this is just too much).  RESPECT!


Baseball games are a classic American pastime, and while Rosé is a new hot trend, there is a rich history to the wine style, even pre-dating common white and red wines.  So if you combine two historic items, you should have something that will continue the legacy of heritage.  Yet here is the sum of the parts:



Speaking of fails…

Didn’t anyone tell them their vineyard has 6 more years till it comes of legal drinking age?  Wouldn’t “anniversary” have been a waaaaaaaaaaay better choice word?  Not even going to get into how we feel putting anything into our bodies from a place by the name of Pudding River…


Even with all the above failures, Rosé ain’t mad!  Rosé will always be there for you, all day:


Cheers to Rosé this summer season!



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