Red wine in a glass vessel and mug

Our Top 3 Unique Uses for Wine

Let’s discuss unique uses for wine to illustrate its versatility.

When we think of uses for wine it is usually for relaxing, amping up a good meal, and of course making the in-laws a little more pleasant during the holidays.  But here are our top 3 things we bet you didn’t know you could do with wine.

Mask-making machine1. Improve your skin. You can transform a cup of wine into a moisturizing, firming mask treatment for your face. Using a mask-making machine, simply pour the wine in and add a provided capsule to solidify it.  You’ll have a mask made just for you in about five minutes!  If that all seems too ambitious, just add a cup or two of wine to your bath for some potential skin soothing benefits.

Keep clean, shows a person wearing rubber gloves and spraying cleaning agent

2. Clean things (wait, what!?). We don’t even want to think about the nasty bacteria that could be hiding out on our fruits and veggies, but instead of buying something artificial and expensive to clean them, you can put wine in a spray bottle and use that! The alcohol and acid in the wine is a natural way to get rid of the bacteria. This same concept works to clean shower doors, grease spots, and even your windows, just be sure to use white wine for those areas.

A loose pile of dirt symbolizing yard work3. Yard work. This one surprised us! By adding your leftover wine to your compost pile, you can aid the process of the good bacteria transforming your organics into fertilizer.  Adding a bit directly into your plant’s soil (in addition to a regular watering cycle), can aid in their growth as well.

As if we needed an excuse to buy more wine!



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