Corkscrew with wooden handle and corks from wine bottles on wooden table backlit

Open That Bottle Night 2019

Created by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher (Authors, Editors, Wine Writers: Wall Street Journal,, Enterprise), ‘Open That Bottle Night’ (OTBN) is an annual occurrence on the last Saturday of every February dedicated to opening that bottle of something too special to have opened otherwise.

There are many ways to acquire wines that are super special, and in turn, there are many ways for the occasion to open it to fall apart, leaving you with a bottle deemed too special.  Weddings get canceled last minute.  Engagements fall apart.  People pass away unexpectedly.  Friendships fall apart.  Any of the situations, and many more, can leave people with a bottle that you can’t return (or couldn’t possibly fathom returning), but no foreseeable day to open it.  OTBN was created for such a circumstance.

It is worth mentioning that OTBN isn’t just for special unopened bottles.  It might be the only bottle in your house.  Why not open it?  This goes for all the levels of inventory, vintage or reason for having a bottle or bottles of wine.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, and as for today?  Just open that bottle!

And if you need bottles…



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