Zinfandel vine row with a sign reading "Zinfandel"

Celebrate National Zinfandel Day

Zinfandel Day is the third Wednesday each November, putting it as a close predecessor to the Thanksgiving holiday. Here are some great Zinfandel facts for a bit of conversation over the turkey (and wine) for your celebration:

  • Zinfandel is considered California’s heritage grape, there are some vines in Sonoma and Amador Counties that are 100+ years old, and still bearing fruit.
  • A well made Zinfandel can age for long periods of time, rivaling the graceful aging Cabernet Sauvignon grape.
  • The cloying White Zinfandel is the majority of what is produced from the Zinfandel plantings in California and saved the grape from falling out of favor in the 70s – essentially saving the modern California Zinfandel industry.  The early White Zinfandel production has allowed many vines to become “old vines” (50+ years of age) that now make some of the finest Old Vine Zinfandel on the planet.
  • Zinfandel is a highly versatile grape, it can be light and fruity, or complex and age worthy.  It can be dry or sweet.  It can also be done in port-y late-harvest stylings, not just the sweet White Zinfandel style.
  • Although Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley makes some of the world’s most recognized Zinfandels, the San Joaquin county has more than triple the total acreage of Zinfandel plantings over the whole of Sonoma County.
  • 2013 still holds the record for the most Zinfandel crushed in CA at 469,216 tons that year.
  • Zinfandel pairs beautifully with turkey and gravy and stuffing and mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese and sweet potatoes and cranberries and brussels with bacon and pumpkin pie and….

Have a happy, safe Thanksgiving everyone!



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