Celebrate National Wine Day with Jeff Goldblum

National Wine Day

So, yeah….

It’s National Wine Day.

While this festive day doesn’t require as deep of thought, pocket, or emotion as OTBN in February, it deserves no less credit.  Today, tonight – somewhere in between – enjoy a bottle of wine (at any level of quality or price) with those whom you love (or like, orrrrrr kinda like – because, let’s face it, sometimes the wine is better than the company) and do one of the following:

  1. Ponder the long, rich history of humans and fermented fruit…
  2. Reflect on the good times in your life…
  3. Throw on that Backstreet Boys album you know you love!
  4. Wonder what today would be like if everything were exactly as it is, yet Dinosaurs still roamed the Earth…

Anyways, good or bad company, deep thoughts or not, Happy National Wine Day!



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