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National White Wine Day!

Today marks National White Wine Day, and it couldn’t come at a better time!  It’s hot outside!  And as the days are long, you’ll need a cold, refreshing glass of white wine to cool you off in the warm mornings, hot middays, and simmering summer afternoon/evenings.

Today is the day to embrace that.

So all the “I only drink red” people out there, hang your inhibitions on the coat rack and join the party today!  Great whites for red drinkers today?  Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, Northern Rhone white blends, California Chardonnay, and Fumé Blanc might be welcome.  Just not Rosé – there are 2 calendar days a year devoted to Rosé, so enough of that already!

For the fans of white wines?  Today, the world is yours.

Also of note, while white wine is lower in antioxidants than red wine, you can spill it EVERYWHERE and not care.  It is white wine!  It won’t stain!

So give your glass an extra vigorous swirl today, even if a little swells above the rim of the glass, who cares!?



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