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National Drink Wine Day 2019

What is National Drink Wine Day?

It is a national day to drink (responsibly) wine on a calendar documented day; the answer lies in the question here folks!


Friends drinking wine durring the day.


When is it celebrated?

It is celebrated annually on February 18th – irrelevant of the day of the week, because who only drinks wine on [INSERT DAY]?  No one.


Friends enjoying wine
“Cheers to February 18th!  Oh, it’s the 19th now?  Well, wait, she said it was the 17th!  Wait, what day is it?  No, no, no don’t pull out your iPhone, it doesn’t matter…CHEERS!”


Who created/started National Drink Wine Day?

No one knows…

That’s the beauty of it!  At some point someone did, but maybe no one did?  Maybe it just happened?  Immaculate wineception?  Earliest time to taste the wines to see how barrel influence is affecting the juice?  Just a random day in February because it’s a day in February?  The actual beauty is likened to quantifying the licks on a Tootsie Roll Pop, “…the world may never know.”


Friends enjoying wine
“We have absolutely no idea of who created it, and quite honestly?  We don’t care!”


Happy National Drink Wine Day from Cameron Hughes!  And remember, always drink responsibly or crash at your friend/family’s place if you are altered on any level or unsure of your ability to get home safe.  Everyone wins aaaaaaand maybe you luck out and fall asleep durring an impromptu Star Wars marathon (sans Episodes 1-3)!


Friends enjoying National Drink Wine Day
Group Of Friends NOT watching Star Wars Episodes 1-3 while enjoying National Drink Wine Day.


Honestly though, Jar Jar Binks?  Mesa thinks a big no-no Skywalker!




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