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July 2021 Wine Industry News

Our Top Read:
In the News:
  • Looks like they’ve proven terroir scientifically exists. Click here for more.
  • South African wineries are hurting still from Covid-19, and an ongoing alcohol ban in the country isn’t making business any easier. Click here for more.
  • California wineries are losing fire insurance, and some fear this may be the end. Click here for more.
  • Wine tourism is set to rebound, but it’s going to look a bit different. Click here for more.
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  • The Feds are taking a bit more detailed of a look at the alcoholic beverage industry and competition. Click here for more.
  • Hong Kong’s Major Cellar’s director resigned and was arrested. Click here for more.
  • Can Cabernet Franc help Livermore Valley pivot with climate change? Click here for more.


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