Wine glass and chalkboard sign reading Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive

It’s Beaujolais Day, It’s Beaujolais Day, It’s Beaujolais Daaaaaaaaaay!

Haters step aside.

It’s our favorite wine day of the YEAR!

It’s Nouveau Beaujolais Day!!!

So essentially (for those who don’t know), this is akin to New Years Day for the wine world.  Today marks the official beginning of the new vintage of wines.  The first bottles of Beaujolais are physically raced over night to Paris to be the first bottles on the shelf today for the honor of being the first bottle of the new harvest released.  Much is inferred about the upcoming vintage from how these bottles show.  And on exceptional growing years, these bottles themselves can stir quite a buzz.

Now, let it be known, not everyone is a fan of Beaujolais Nouveau wine.  If you’re not, you can see the door on your way out, thanks, bye.

To get a wine to bottle so quickly from harvest requires a bit of a different process from traditional fermentation and tank, or barrel aging, like most wines.  Carbonic maceration is how this sped up process is accomplished.

We’ll let you read all about carbonic maceration with that link provided, we ourselves, well, we gotta run, there’s fresh wine on a shelf with our names written all over it!

OH! And, well, we’d discuss how to pair Beaujolais Nouveau with food and whatnot, except it pairs best with light and oxygen, so bye!

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