Wine vineyards and rolling hills in Langhe on a winter day


While we’ve totally made this up, and it’s in no way a real thing, we’ve decided February is Nebbiolo Month for us, lovingly known internally as Feb is Nebb Month (#febisnebb)

One may ask, why is Feb Nebb?  It’s not like Nebbiolo is harvested anywhere in the world around February.  It’s not like Nebbiolo vines buds in February.  In fact, absolutely nothing of any note occurs in February regarding Nebbiolo…except…Feb is Nebb rhyme, we got a ‘lil chuckle out of it, and we were a little bit inspired by Antonio Galloni’s week long celebration of Nebbiolo that occurs around the end of January into early February (currently known as “La Festa Del Piemonte” – a celebration of Burgers and Nebbiolo…yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds).  So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s celebrate!

This month we’ll be doing Nebbiolo facts, an A Guide to Pairing addition for Nebbiolo (and the great foods it should be served along), we’ll drink Nebbiolo, speak a bit about where it can be found, and the differences between the expression of different growing regions.

So here’s to trying something new on for size, as Feb is Nebb!




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