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An Introduction to Wine: Simplified

While we’ve spent the better part of the last year decoding wine and wine regions (and will continue to do so), there is still the first wall most people need to get over to begin understanding at that decoding level.

Our new series, Wine: Simplified, will be the helping hand to begin guiding you on your path to levels of comfort in asking the right questions or giving the proper direction for what you’re looking for in your wine when shopping in a store or browsing a restaurant list.

Some may see this as dumbing it all down or over generalizing, but we see it as a necessary step for anyone on their wine journey, regardless of age or how long you’ve been enjoying wine.

This series hopes to accomplish aiding in consumers’ ability to recognize not only flaws and convey them correctly, but also to give informed responses when asked questions about their personal preferences in wine to aid in finding new wines or varieties that may suit their tastes.  We’re huge fans of informed exploration, can’t just drink Chardonnay from California all day, right!?

Oh, and you might find yourself having a bit of a different experience in tasting rooms as well.  It isn’t a written rule, but we’ve observed numerous times the group of guests that “clearly has no idea what is going on” getting the quick, polite treatment while the group “in the know” gets extra pours or reserve tasting upgrades.  The people pouring behind the counter aren’t trying to be outright rude, but you can immediately get a whole ‘nother level of experience just by speaking their language, even just a little.  We’d love for everyone to have that experience as it really can make your trip memorable.

And with that, away we go….


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