Lot 895 2019 Red Mountain Bordeaux

Adding to our Black Label series is Lot 895 2019 Red Mountain Bordeaux Blend! Another ride-or-die offering dressed to kill in our amazing, exclusive, and festive Black Label series.

Lot 895 similarly hails from the same elegantly rugged terroir of the Pacific Northwest as our last black label release the Lot 894 Merlot, but the grapes in this mix are sourced out of Red Mountain AVA. This mountainous region has plantings that started back in 1975, and is a well-known area for world-class Bordeaux varietals. Its soft sloping mountain range has nutrient-rich topsoil over sand, silt, and gravel. You can literally taste the elements in this Bordeaux blend that brings in richness and complexity from the varietals and the intensity & elegance from the terroir.

This mostly Malbec Red Mountain Bordeaux blend hits you with its distinct aromatic, floral violet, and lilac smells which envelope its rich, ripe black cherry, blackberry, and plum notes. Earthy vanilla, cloves, and hints of dill and chocolate waft onto your palette inside firm tannins and a lively acidity augmented by some denseness and richness of the Cabernet Sauvignon. Grippy, but unpretentious with savory layers of olive, currants, and passion fruit make this a stellar, well-rounded blend that can hold up against heavier fare like grilled meats and lasagna while still retaining a lightness that allows it to pair seamlessly with holiday stews, turkey, or charcuterie boards. Overall, this is a deep, earthy offering that embodies the spirit and quality of our Black Label series.

Watch as Katy Long, Director of International Wines for VWE walks us through a tasting.