What We Are Listening To: “Maxinquaye” by Tricky

Ryan has been listening to Tricky’s “Maxinquaye” LP enough to make everyone in the office sick of it, but admittedly, it’s an incredible album:

“Tricky’s debut album came out in the middle of a torrent of amazing releases across all genres of music (1994-1996), and still stands out as one of the greatest releases from this time period. Equal parts Jazz, Electronic, Rock, Hip-Hop, and none of them at the sametime, Tricky has a voice that cannot be replicated, and his sound scape on this record follows suit. Barring the follow-up “Pre Millenium Tension” LP, even Tricky himself hasn’t quite hit the same level of immersion this album offers to date again. A former member of the more widely known group Massive Attack, the years he worked on that project were marked by his unique sound infused with theirs, that they as well have not been able to replicate to date. If you aren’t familiar with Tricky’s music, you may remember him from his on-screen role as Right Arm in the film The Fifth Element, and yes, that is his voice in the film, not a computer processed voice.”

Tricky’s “Maxinquaye” is heralded as the album that birthed the electronic music sub-genre of Trip-Hop.  A true gem of England’s modern recorded history that had inspired his peers at the time and has inspired generations around the world to rethink their sounds and soundscapes (the album had such an effect in New York that a sub-sub-genre called Dub-Hop was born in the late 90s).  The Deluxe Edition incorporates alternative mixes, early versions, and remixes.  Take a trip (hop) back to ’95 and enjoy – just don’t play it as much as Ryan does!

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