What We Are Listening To: “Giant Step” by Taj Mahal

Of late, Cameron has been revisiting Taj Mahal’s classic album “Giant Step” as it holds a special place in the memory banks:

“I remember I was at a festival with my buddy Collin in Los Angeles about 15 or 20 years ago, it was like the original Bonnaroo, and honestly, we were already into Taj’s stuff, and we find ourselves in front of this tiny little stage, and there was Taj, right in front of us!  The whole performance was mind blowing – watching him just rip it up on his guitar.  It was the greatest concert experience I’ve ever had.”

Taj Mahal is an enigma.  A self-taught blues singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  His third album “Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home” is a double album, the first album plugged-in, the second album acoustic, including the incredible blues compositions “Ain’t Gwine Whistle Dixie (Anymo’)” and “Take a Giant Step” on the first disc, and the classic, intimate “Fishin’ Blues” on the second disc.  Words don’t describe well the voodoo that Taj Mahal is capable of, and has continued to expand on over an almost 50 year career, so we’ll just let the music speak for itself:

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