What We Are Listening To: “Flow State” by Tash Sultana

Katie has been super geeked out on the new debut album from Tash Sultana, and quite honestly, we don’t blame her, we have been to:

“I discovered Tash while researching the Outside Lands SF music festival lineup this year. If I were to put her in a genre, I’d say boho-reggae-coffeeshop-rock. She’s not afraid to do her own thing and get lost in her own music. Born in Sydney, Australia, she’s been playing guitar since she was 3 and does all her instruments herself. She’s an artist who knows what she wants and wants to take you with her on her journey. And those guitar solos though… 😉 This is definitely an album you zen out to, and flow with it.”

Having received notice on the open-music-market of Bandcamp and further through her devout fans boosting her views on YouTube, Tash Sultana has been considered a one-woman-band, but was spotted working with more well known artists in the US and abroad in 2017 and 2018 while doing the recording sessions for this album, most notably LA musician/rapper/singer/songwriter Anderson .Paak.  Extra kudos to Tash that she released the debut on her own imprint, Lonely Lands Records, in her native Australia with a huge boost of support from Sony Music Australia.  Check out the sonically engaging album below!

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