What We Are Listening To: 90s Britpop Double-Up

Our resident Brit Caroline has been feeling a little nostalgic (and possibly a little home sick of late) and in turn has been rocking out to some more well known artists from her side of the pond in the office of late:

“Currently I’m listening to 90s Britpop – best hits from Blur and Oasis. As a Brit that’s been living in the Bay Area for 4 years, every now and again I enjoy listening to tunes that take me back to my homeland. Especially when the music produced has been so iconic to that era! There’s nothing better than throwing on the Princess Leia headphones and getting lost in the music.”

For the record, the Princess Leia headphones:

Blur and Oasis are truly iconic acts from the 90s no matter where you lived in the world.  Blur, best known for releasing a new (quality) album every 6 months or so (most band were doing 3-5 years between an album at this time in music) and the hyper-catchy “WooHoo!” song (actually titled “Song 2” but no one really remembers that), and Oasis, best known for the frontman combo of physically dueling brothers (if Liam and Noel weren’t beating the crap outta each other, something was seriously wrong).  Loads of somewhat-forgettable and forgettable acts followed, but these two bands ruled the airwaves and posters on teenager’s walls for a fair period of time.  Added knowledge, if you’re familiar with the band Gorillaz, that was originally the side project of Blur’s frontman that turned into his full-time post-Blur gig.  Take a trip to 90s London with Caroline through these 2 greatest hits collections!

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