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Wedding Season

Wedding season has come upon us.  Just snuck up right out of nowhere!  Unless you’re planning one, then it has probably consumed your life.  But nonetheless, we are here to help…

So often we get calls regarding wine for weddings.  Yes, we do that, and love to help make at least that part of your stress level reduced.  So here are a few things we’ve compiled to help you plan the wine program for your wedding before you reach out to us to pull the trigger on your wine program:

  • Yes, there is a discount, what it is varies though based on your wedding party and order size, we do not publish a flat discount rate.
  • We will need to see a wedding registry or some form of verification that a wedding is occuring.  Nothing insane though, we aren’t looking for the venue receipt or a legal document.
  • DO NOT wait till the last minute to order your wine.  The wine needs to be shipped, and such, it suffers from bottle shock.  It will need 5-7 days to rest and recuperate from the long journey to you, so keep that in mind.  Not to mention overnighting 7 cases of wine costs a fortune.  Plan ahead and save those extra bucks for the honeymoon.
  • If you are planning on pairing wines with your reception dinner, make sure the menu is locked down before selecting the wines.  It is easy to generalize pairings, but for the optimum experience, have a copy of the menu with the fixins from your Chef and we will handle the rest.
  • People generally (there are always exceptions to the rule) drink more red than white, so it is best to plan for a 2/3, 1/3 split.  You know your guests best, if it is a white wine crowd, then flip the split on the wines.
  • If you have no food, care not for pairing, or need to order the wine and the Chef is dragging their feet on the menu, no problem.  We have a category designed specifically for our most food friendly wines, you can check that out here.  For those with no food at their gala, these are still great drinking wines on their own!
  • Be mindful of the alcohol direct shipping laws for the state you live in or are getting married in, basically the wine’s destination state.  There are ways to work around certain limitations, but in some cases, it is more difficult. Nonetheless, give us a call at (800) 805-1971, 9-5 PT, Monday through Friday, and we can go over how best to get you your wine.
  • You can get roughly 4-5 glasses of wine per bottle.  Keep this in mind for the volume you will need.  In the case of weddings, it is always better to over order than under.  The newlyweds get to start their new adventure with a decent wine stock.  If you go the other route, half-drunk Uncle Someone might start to make a scene when the wine is depleted.  No bueno.
  • It is alcohol, someone 21+ will need to sign for it.  Make sure if you are not shipping it to yourself, your folks, or a local UPS Customer Center for pickup, that the venue will have someone on-site to sign for the shipment.

Any further preliminary questions that were not answered for you here?  Feel free to give us a call!



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