Happy finger couple in love celebrating Valentine day

Valentine’s Day is this Friday!

Aside from making sure you have a reservation locked down, dusting off your Love Unlimited Orchestra records, getting fresh roses, and getting the wrinkles out of the satin sheets before Friday, don’t forget the wine!

We always recommend grabbing a bottle of your partner’s liking, or trying something new you may have seen them ogling over or they mentioned before, but haven’t tried yet.  Impress them by showing you kept them in mind on down to the wine selection, and further impress if it’s known you’re not a fan of that particular wine – just let go this Friday, and enjoy it for them.

Oh, and if you’re doing chocolates and wine, make sure the wine is as sweet if not sweeter than the chocolates (Late Harvest Zin and Port are great choices).  Nothing worse than a dry red, even an exceptionally good one, and great chocolate.  Sometimes 2 incredible things are not better when combined.  This is one of those times.

Cheers to a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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