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Tips for the Ultimate Staycation

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I don’t know about you but I have been in need of a vacation for a long time now. The thing is, my husband and I have both had jam-packed schedules for months now so a vacation wasn’t in the cards for us just yet.

Our solution? A staycation! Staycations are newly all the rave and they’re a great way to relax and feel as if you’re getting away from your real life without spending a lot or having to put a ton of time aside. For Michael and me, a nice staycation is just what we’ve been needing to tide us over until we can go on a longer vacation.

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Staycations are awesome because you get to do whatever you want on it. You can stay at home and make your place feel like an Airbnb. You can go to a nearby city or town and stay at a hotel. You get to decide if you just want to hide away and relax or go out and about exploring the area. You can really do whatever you want! How awesome is that?

Today I’m sharing some of my best tips for the ultimate staycation. You have so much freedom in creating your perfect staycation, but here are some great thought starters for you!

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1. Plan Your Days Out // Whether you’re staying in for most of your time off or whether you’re going to be out and about, it’s important to plan your days out in advance to your staycation. Michael and I love doing a little bit of each: staying in and going out. Whenever we do finally have a few days or more off with each other, we’ll usually split our days up – some out exploring the area and others in relaxing together.

Ideas on how to divvy up your days:

  • 2 days out and about, 2 days in relaxing afterward
  • Every other day out and about
  • Every day out
  • Every day in

P.S. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather because it always plays a huge part in your plans! If it’s going to rain, you might want to have a lazy day in, instead of trying to fight the weather for a day of adventure out.

Wine enjoyed with a magazine outdoors on a picnic blanket

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2. Prep The Week Before // If you’re staying in your own home for your staycation, be sure to prep the week before. Get all of your grocery shopping and cleaning done beforehand so that you can focus completely on resting during your time off. When you go grocery splurge on a few of your favorite meals and be sure to pick up a bottle (or a few) of your favorite wine.

Things to prep the week before:

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Cameron Hughes Lot 576 enjoyed outdoors

3. Order Cameron Hughes Wine // Wine is definitely one of my love languages. I mean, c’mon… how can wine not be? Who’s with me on this? ? Staycations are totally worth celebrating and the best way to celebrate anything is with Cameron Hughes Wine.

Cameron Hughes Wine is all about what’s inside the bottle, no fancy label, simple website… just high-quality wine at affordable prices. Cameron Hughes Wine is one of the few Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) wine brands out there. This means that they source their wine and sell directly to the customer, which is how they’re able to sell e.g. $80 Cabernet for $30. Cameron Hughes Wine isn’t involved with the wholesale method of selling wine because the traditional wholesale method only drives up the price of wine. The wine in your local grocery store or in restaurants has passed hands more than 3 times with different wine distributors. With Cameron Hughes selling DTC, it keeps the wine you love at a price you’ll love.

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Cameron Hughes Wine is all about celebrating the everyday moments. They believe that everything is worth celebrating and I am 100% with them on that. You don’t need to wait for some big accomplishment to break out the wine to enjoy. If you got through a tough workday, that’s worth celebrating. If you got through all of your spring cleanings, that’s worth celebrating. So you bet they’re all about celebrating a staycation!

My favorite wine from Cameron Hughes is a tie between their Reisling from Columbia Valley or their Chardonnay from Arroyo Seco Monterey County (what I’m sipping in these photos). Both are crisp and delicious!

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Cameron Hughes white wine enjoyed outdoors on a picnic blanket

Girl sipping wine from Cameron Hughes Wine in an Oh Hey Vacay T-Shirt

4. Invest In New Bedding // Sleep is such an important thing all of the time but especially during a staycation. A staycation is all about rest and relaxation, which means sleep is an important part of your staycation!

If you’re staying in your home for your staycation, definitely invest in getting new sheets for your bed and even a new comforter/duvet cover. New, fresh sheets are the BEST! It’s one of my favorite experiences. Michael definitely agrees!

5. Discover Your Town // For the days you go out on the town, visit some of the places that your town is best known for. Here in the Poconos, downtown Stroudsburg is one of our favorite places to visit for a day trip. There are some amazing restaurants and coffee places, and it’s one of our goals to visit them all.

One of my favorite things to do when it’s nice out is to have a picnic in the park! Or if I don’t feel like going all the way to the park, I’ll sit outside in my yard and snack a bit while also sipping on Cameron Hughes Wine.

So, on the days you want to get out of the house on your staycations, go be a tourist in your own town. It’ll be a ton of fun!

Woman in Oh Hey Vacay T-Shirt with a wine glass in hand

6. Limit Screen time // This last tip is an important one, my friends. Limit your screen time! Definitely unplug from your phone and laptop as much as you can. Social media can be fun but it can also be a huge root of overwhelm and stress, so shut your phone off or at least put it on “do not disturb”. Screen time isn’t just about the internet – it’s also about video games and TV, too. If you typically spend your nights watching TV, try spending them doing something else during your staycation. Try out a new craft or DIY, or go for a nighttime drive and look at the stars.



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