Partly cloudy blue skies and a thermometer reading over 100 degrees fahrenheit

The Heat is On!

Well, the summer heat has descended upon the vast majority of the US, and yes, if you’re asking yourself if it’s unsafe to ship wine, that means you shouldn’t be doing it.  Thankfully we have our Summer Buy & Hold option to add to any order and have it shipped on 10/19/20 when things have cooled off a bit.

Wine is a volatile liquid in a chemical state between juice and vinegar, so it reacts to temperature changes in really weird ways, and expands at different temperatures and freezes at different temperatures than water.  Wine can cook/expand and push a cork out if exposed to temps over 90°F for too long, essentially ruining the wine and damaging your shipment box, triggering an immediate return to sender by the shipper, which means you have to wait longer for your juice. Skip all the stress and headache by getting the deals now, and having it shipped later.

Another wonderful point of note: you essentially get a few extra months of bottle aging with Buy & Hold for young, just released wines, so even if you’re not in a hot area, you can save yourself the temptation of opening a wine too soon as well.  Really a great program, where everybody wins, during the extreme summer months.

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