What Is Rosé?

It’s synonymous with summer.  It’s fashionable.  It’s crisp.  It’s light.  It’s not just your grandmother’s White Zinfandel anymore.  But what, exactly is Rosé? Speaking in broad general stokes, Rosé is not red wine mixed with white wine – The majority of France actually makes it illegal to do…

New Release: Lot 624 Moscato d’Asti

Everyone’s favorite sipper has returned.  Your 1,000’s of emails, countless calls and messages on social media have been heard.  This is the same producer as previous Lots from the Asti area of Italy we’ve offered.  If you are concerned about the profile of this vintage in comparison to the previous, just allow Cam to walk you through what’s in the glass, and rest assured, this is still going to be your favorite Moscato!