Lot 911 2022 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Sourced from one of the premium Columbia Valley producers we’ve used before (any fans of Lot 910 Sauvignon Blanc?) we knew we had to have this wine the moment we tried it. It’s another fantastic deal from a region in WA where an extra-long day during the summer growing season results in a juicy, fruit-forward, but not over the top wine. Another special note for this wine – don’t be surprised when you open up the box to find your wine without its foil capsule! In an effort to move towards more sustainable practices, we’ll be starting to produce and bottle wines without the disposable capsules. While these bottles may be half-dressed, they are not half baked!

Lot 911 pours rich red, almost opaque in the glass. It opens up with a bouquet of black cherry, blackberry and cassis. Secondary notes of baking spice and tobacco lift out as you swirl your glass. The complexity on the nose at this price point is truly outstanding. On the palate this is a juicy fruit forward wine with really well integrated oak that is so subtle and just adds to the complexity of the flavor rather than over powering the fruit notes of the wine. The tannins are seamless and finishes off the experience to create this graceful, elegant Cabernet. Pair this with hard cheeses or pastas with a robust red sauce – it’ll go great with all the winter offerings you have on your table. At only $15 this is a versatile wine to keep on hand, you’ll never feel bad opening up this one on a random weeknight to go with dinner.

Watch or listen as Wanda Mann, Wine Writer and Educator, walks us through a tasting and discusses this exciting sparkling wine.

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00:18 The Capsule?
00:56 The Color
01:37 The Palate
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Lot 906 2021 Wahluke Slope Red Blend

Cameron Hughes Wine Lot 906 is a ripe-styled, full-bodied, intense, and richly-flavored red blend made from grapes with significantly smaller berry sizes translating into an incredible concentration of flavor and structure.

Red blends are absolutely on fire lately and have always been one of our top sellers. Wines like Lot 906 2021 Wahluke Slope Red Blend demonstrate why that’s the case. (Red Blend fans will want to think about buying multiple bottles, why? Keep reading!)

This red blend from Washington State’s Columbia Valley showcases a unique, record-setting vintage for the region. 2021 absolutely shattered temperature records in eastern Washington, with a historic heat dome settling over the area. For an average wine-growing region, this would have been potentially disastrous. But because of the incredible vineyard management talent and overall health of the vines in Columbia Valley in general, the source vineyards for Lot 906 weathered the heat like champions, producing high-quality, intensely flavored, power-packed fruit (particularly for the region’s red wine varieties).

Berry sizes were significantly smaller, translating into grapes with an incredible concentration of flavor and fantastic structure (thanks to a higher than normal skin-to-pulp ratio, meaning more tannins to go along with all of that ample dark fruit action). The catch? Yields were way, way down, and much less red wine was made in 2021 as a result.

Watch or listen as Chris Lafleur, Sommeliers Creed for Cameron Hughes walks us through a tasting.

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01:48 The Nose
02:30 The Color
02:48 The Palate
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Lot 910 2022 Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc

A Jaunty Summer Sipper at an Almost Unbelievable Price

We just have to say we’ve outdone ourselves with Lot 910 2022 Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc—and we hope you’ll forgive a bit of self-congratulation because, in short order, you too will be congratulating yourself with such a smart pick-up.

Of course, long-time CH Wine fans already know Washington’s Columbia Valley as a place for fantastic fine wine bargains, and Lot 910 certainly fits that bill. But there’s more going on than successful bargain hunting regarding this Lot. Like France’s Bordeaux region, Columbia Valley is renowned for its excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. And like Bordeaux, the same conditions that favor the growth of excellent Cabernet also make it a prime spot for premium Sauvignon Blanc.

While it says Columbia Valley on the label, our Lot 910 is primarily sourced from one of the best spots in that valley—the Horse Heaven Hills AVA, which is home to Lady Hawk, Chateau Ste. Michelle Canoe Ridge Estate, and Quilceda Creek, to name a few.

Harvested in the early morning hours and fermented exclusively in stainless steel, Lot 910 captures the assertive, jaunty acidity and energy for which Sauvignon Blanc is famous, making this white evocatively fresh from start to finish. Fully captured are Sauvignon Blanc’s big herbal aromatics and flinty minerality. At the same time, eastern Washington’s legendarily sunny growing season ensured that this is also fleshy and fruity, with exotic tropical fruit flavors, hints of lime zest, and shades of tangy lemon meringue. Simply stated, this Lot is as irresistible as it is affordable.

This Sauvignon Blanc is a balanced, zesty offering that has “house white” for the summer written all over it. With our price, you can easily grab multiple cases of this delicious lot to have at the ready—for dinner prep, taking in longer sunlight hours, or decompressing after a long day.

Watch as Katy Long, Director of International Wines for VWE walks us through a tasting.

Wine Video Topics Include:

  • 00:00 Introduction to The Tasting Panel and Katy
  • 00:20 About Sauvignon Blanc, Washington wines, Horse Heaven Hills
  • 00:51 Color and Legs of Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc
  • 00:58 The Nose of Lot 910 Sauvignon Blanc
  • 01:18 The Palate of Lot 910
  • 01:49 Aperitif / Pairing of this Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Lot 910 2022 Columbia Valley Sauvignon Blanc




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