One glass Half of red wine on wooden table laid on its side with the wine staying inside the glass

7 Pinot Noir Facts

Pinot Noir facts to celebrate International Pinot Noir Day, held August 18th each year. To celebrate, we present some fun Pinot Noir facts for you today: Pinot Noir means ‘Black Pine Cone’ – ancient vine growers were pretty literal with the naming of this grape as the grape…

Judgement of Paris - A hand drawn Paris cityscape showing the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks

Judgement of Paris

Today marks the anniversary of the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, a blind tasting panel that came to be known as the ‘Judgement of Paris’ – more on that in a moment… Briefly (as there’s tons of excellent documentation on this event available anywhere fine wine books are…

Amulets of sticks and feathres hangs from a tree branch

What We Are Listening To – July 2018

Of late, we’ve been vibing out to some classic tunes.  It’s summer, the weather is perfect, the beaches and hiking trails are calling.  Here is our soundtrack for these long sunny days and warm summer nights.