Cameron Hughes Lot 666 with red wine being poured into a glass

The Mark of the Beast

Coming soon…666.

Lot 666 that is.

Annually we celebrate our marquee release (100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 555, 600606, 616) in the fall.

Enter this year’s Lot 666.

Call it a sin, but at the crossroads of quality and price we have found an aggressively priced alternative to the $100-200 range Napa Cabs.

Cameron Hughes Lot 666 front wine label

We focus on affordability and quality.  Those are two words we live by with every release, so naturally we want to showcase that you can get a exceptional Napa Cab well under the $100+ price tag.  The annual marquee release is our chance to show that, and we very much enjoy doing so every year.  So yes, it is a sin, we admit.

Wine is understandably subjective, so not everyone will be in love this release, some may outright fear it, but historically, the vast majority of our customers find great pleasure in the marquee.  For them, it is something to look forward to, stock in their cellars, and continue to reach out to us to inquire about what other wines we have from that producer, or if we will work with them again, it can be, say, addicting.

The annual release bears the mark of the beast, yet it is not the biggest, boldest, most extracted, most time in oak release.  We not only balance price and quality, but structure and body with this release.  Elegance is key to this revelation.  This release, like its predecessors, will find a special place in the hearts and minds of oenophiles all over.

If you haven’t been with us on this journey thus far, we are glad to bring you along, picking up at, and moving forward from, Lot 666.

Cameron Hughes 2016 Calistoga Cabernet Sauvignon Lot 666 shows red wine being poured into a glass

Update 2023: Lot 666 was wildly popular and sold out quickly!



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