Friends toasting with cocktails in bar

Proof: The Science of Booze by Adam Rogers

If you’re at all interested in going deep into the history and chemistry of the drinks we drink every day, this is an amazing, in-depth read (or listen as I’m enjoying the 15+ hour audio book version) that is far from boring and makes everyone’s favorite (insert sarcasm here) subjects: History & Science, enjoyable.

While introducing this book to everyone around the office, I shared my firm belief that society didn’t come together for grains and bread as I was taught in history class, but for the distillation of them into beer and alcohol. I know bread is great, but it wouldn’t make me settle down. No, the only thing that tames my nomadic instincts is booze! Aligned with the nature of all things related to drinking (even a sober conversation about it), it quickly devolved into anecdotes about how dogs eat fallen, fermented fruit to get drunk and how with our farming history, might have led in part to their desire to be domesticated (or drunk more regularly, rightly), then went further down the rabbit hole to an article about a cloud of booze in space that would supply all of humanity (and dogs) well past the life of our sun…. Needless to say, great book, great conversation starter. Highly recommended.