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Our Top 3 Wine Bottle Upcycling Suggestions!

You know you’re doing a good deed when you recycle your wine bottles (yay you!), but how great would it be to actually re-use some of those bottles instead of throwing them away?  And haven’t you had a few bottles that were simply so beautiful – or meaningful – it felt wrong to throw them out?

We have some suggestions for you.  We’re not talking cheesy, craft-fair items, but simple, easy ways to repurpose them to decorate your home, patio, or even give as gifts!

Gérard Bertrand “Cote des Roses” bottle (complete with glass stopper)1. Our easiest recommendation would be to remove the label from a Gérard Bertrand “Cote des Roses” bottle (complete with glass stopper) and use it as a conversation-inducing water carafe. Whether you place a single bottle by the bed, or several at the dinner table, this makes serving water a whole lot classier!

2. With only a little extra effort, you can elevate a bottle by etching it. This requires a few dollars, two easy-to-find items (etching cream & adhesive stencils) and a few minutes of your time.  Simply wipe your bottle clean of the label and any adhesive, remove any additional debris with rubbing alcohol, adhere the stencil, use a dauber with the etching cream (apply generously), let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse away under a faucet and remove the screen.

3. If you’re up to more of a challenge, you can cut the bottle (it’s easier that you think!) and use the bottom half of the bottle to make water glasses, candle holders, or even a candle itself. For under $30, you can buy a glass cutter like this one, and that’s your entire investment.  If you’re using it for a candle, you can fill it with wax and a wick for a total DIY feel or use our hack of skipping the messy wax/wick work and just placing a flat-bottomed candle in your new candle holder!




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