Our Guide To San Francisco: BARS!

We spent a long time trying to find some creative way to tell you: we don’t drink too much, we remember all the hours of our day (and night) clearly, and that we only enjoy the finest wines the world over in a very reserved, professional matter…


You can find us here:

  • Katie: Blondie’s – Valencia Street. Best martinis.
  • Owen: Columbus Cafe – North Beach. 2 for 1 beers (GOOD beer) during happy hour, remember to tip on the chip! (You’ll understand when you go). Always fun during a local sports game as well.
  • Caroline: The bar at the Loews Regency Hotel – Downtown. I talk and smile to soooo many people every week, that every now and again I enjoy being an old curmudgeon/hermit. This bar is always empty when I go (yay, great for me, I can sit in silence) + they make a mean old fashioned. If you see me there please don’t talk to me.
  • Maribel: Sippin – Excelsior/Mission Terrace. This place is perfect for hanging out with my PTA mom friends.  It’s classy and quiet and down the street.  The owner, Shirley, is a sweetheart.
  • Maribel (BONUS): 7 Mile House – Bayshore Heights. Gritty, blue-collar crowd, good filipino food and live music.
  • Andre: Trick Dog – Mission District. Sure, the drinks here get all the press and accolades, but I’m really just here for the chicken nuggets.
  • Ryan: The Willows – SoMa. Mystery shots? Check. Greasy food? Check. Pinball & Buck Hunter machines? Check. Questionable Billiards table and cues? Check….
  • Henry: Toronado – Haight Street. They are the original craft beer bar, serving beer from Anchor brewing and Sierra Nevada since the 80s before craft beer became a thing. Just make sure when you are ready to order- put your phone down, have your cash ready, don’t ask for samples, and don’t ask for recommendations.
  • Henry (BONUS): Harry’s Hofbrau – Redwood City. It’s more of a cafeteria-style restaurant with a mega full-bar. My favorite place to sit in a private booth, eat a turkey leg dinner, a few beers and bourbons, and catch a Yankees game.
  • Tom: El Techo – Mission Street. I love rooftop bars and El Techo is my favorite rooftop bar in SF. The place reminds me of being somewhere foreign. Foreign Cinema (another great spot) is right next door, but I mean somewhere foreign like Lisbon or Berlin. Lisbon because of the fun vibe and Berlin because of the unconventionality. The elevator to the bar is shared with an apartment building. You don’t know if you’re going to someones living room or an actual bar. It’s an interesting experience. Once you get there, the views are amazing, and it’s always a lively scene. Make sure to try the Mezcal Margarita. They are wonderful.
  • Chris: Evil Eye – Mission Street. Grab a fancy cocktail and a crispy chicken biscuit.
  • Chris (BONUS): Black Hammer Brewing – SoMa. The Pac brew labs guys went legit and teamed up to open this spot.

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