Vineyards and rolling hills in Oregon

Oregon Wine Month!

Happy Oregon Wine Month!

Ripe Oregon Chardonnay hangs from the vines

Break out the Chardonnay!

Ripe Oregon Pinot Noir hangs on the vines

Break out the Pinot Noir!

Ripe Oregon Pinot Gris hangs on the vines

Break out the Pinot Gris!

Ripe Oregon Riesling hangs on the vine

But save those Rieslings!

Oregon, especially the Willamette Valley, is a cooler climate growing region and has developed some of the most astounding of the aforementioned varieties in wines.  Hell, it is the area that some Burgundians relocated to replicate Burgundy, so that is a sign to what the area has to offer.

While Oregon’s production volume still falls behind California, Washington, and New York, the quality and unmatched style surpasses many US regions, and equals to some of the most important European regions.

Now, back to Riesling.  The Rieslings produced (if made well, as most are) can rival German Rieslings ageing into the 20+ years area.  That is no easy task.  That is a testament to the land, microclimates, and soil compositions in tandem with talented winemakers.  Mind you, the Oregon market isn’t flooded with Riesling, that is reserved for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but it is there to be found online, and a trip to the Willamette Valley can yield some real incredible surprises at tasting rooms.

Oh! And there are some awesome Cabernet Francs and Gewürztraminers coming out of the state as well!

So take this month to grab a bottle of Oregon’s finest and cheers to Oregon Wine Month!



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