Lot 836 2020 Moscato d’Asti Italy

Our #1 requested varietal is back in store in time for Spring – Introducing Lot 836 2020 Moscato d’Asti!

Long-time CHW fans know that since our first Moscato release some 10 years ago, it’s been a monster runaway hit, and year after year the most frequent request (by a mile) to our customer service inbox is this: “When are you getting the Moscato again?!” Not Napa Valley Cabernet, but Moscato d’Asti.

Sourced from a high-end artisanal winery in Asti, there’s never enough supply to meet our demand, and availability is never guaranteed in any year. Lot 836 is truly the pinnacle expression of the varietal, and the one you’ll find yourself using as a benchmark against all others – you may never be able to drink another Moscato again. This is one to have on hand year-round folks, so grab a few cases while they last!

With a beautiful frizzante (fizzy) effervescence, this Moscato d’Asti is the creamy, vivacious, semi-sweet Italian white you’ve been missing. It is positively bursting with every peach flavor you can imagine, from just-picked yellow peaches, ushering you back to childhood, then bringing you home again with a wonderfully-refreshing white peach acidity. The finish is crisp and clean with notes of fresh orange blossoms and candied green apples. You’d be wise to pair this with gooey, creamy cow’s milk soft-ripened cheeses and maybe even a slice of red velvet cake at the end of the night. Serve well-chilled.

Watch as Chris Lafleur, Sommeliers Creed for Cameron Hughes walks us through a tasting.