Mulled wine ingredients to celebrate National Mulled Wine Day

National Mulled Wine Day

17 days away from the end of winter.  17 more days ’till it’s officially spring!  We’re finally in the home stretch!

Time for National Mulled Wine Day.

Every March 3rd, National Mulled Wine Day is celebrated to warm ourselves up one good time before the weather starts to shift as we swing closer into the sun on our orbit through the cosmos.

It has long been believed mulled spirits and wine had a way of warding off or healing seasonal illnesses.  So here is your last chance to chase away the evil demons of ill before the seasons change, responsibly.

It is still unknown who started National Mulled Wine Day, but bless their hearts for it.

So, for one last time, warm your heart and soul over a glass of mulled greatness, cure what ails ya, and partake in the warmth, sweetness and spice that was the Roman’s drink of choice.

Happy National Mulled Wine Day!




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