Attractive Asian woman eating fried chicken drumstick over white brick background

National Fried Chicken Day!

No one, ourselves included, need to tell you how amazing fried chicken is.

In a sandwich, with waffles, on its own, slathered in a sauce…the list just goes on and on.

Today is the day to treat yo’self, put the diets on pause, head to your favorite locale, and indulge in one of the greatest culinary inventions since sliced bread.

But what to pair with it!?

Ballin’ out?  Then go for the best Sparkling Wine you can find.  Champagne’s bubbles and acidity lift up the spices, cut the fat, and accentuate the bready richness that fried pollo has to offer.

Ballin’ on a budget? Crémant would be the best option, for all the same reasons stated above.

Need some red in your life?  Lambrusco would be the way to go.  It’ll fulfill the sparkling wine assists to fried chicken, satisfy your craving for red wine, and ultimately make for an incredible meal.

No bubbles?  Tempranillo will be a welcome dinner guest.  Easy to find, soft in tannin, perfect with food in general, and savory on savory favors those who love a savory meal through and through.

And of course, our favorite, an off-dry Riesling.  Nothing is better than the slight kiss of sweet with the salty goodness of fried chicken, and the umami bomb on the finish between the two in tandem.  Actually, scratch everything above this recommendation, just go with Riesling.

Have we ever mentioned how much we love Riesling before?



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