Early spring view of Missouri wine grape vine rows in a vineyard with lush green grass and a small canopy

Missouri Wine Facts

While September winds down, we want to take a moment to recognize that we are deep into Missouri Wine Month.  Shared with California and North Carolina, Missouri can be overshadowed, but here are some fun facts to help you keep the state in mind next September (or for the remainder of this month):

  • Before prohibition was enacted, the state was the second largest wine producing state in the US, just behind Ohio.
  • The first designated AVA in the US was actually in Missouri, the Augusta AVA, established in 1980 (beating out Napa for the bragging rights).
  • The state is home to 5 recognized AVAs.
  • The Hermann AVA was settled in the 1830s by German settlers.
  • Today there are over 130 wineries in the state.
  • Missouri is home to the oldest continuously family owned winery in the US (beating out Concannon for the bragging rights), the Adam Puchta Winery, now in the hands of the great-great-grandson.
  • Today, the state of Missouri has 11 official wine trails for you to explore.
  • Missouri wines have an economic impact of just above one and three quarters billion dollars for the state creating just under 15k jobs.
  • Missouri was one of the states that actively assisted in revitalizing the European wine industry after the phylloxera epidemic.
  • The Norton grape makes up the bulk of the wine production in Missouri, which happens to have recently been inducted as the state’s official grape, seen recent experimental plantings in California, and even has its own shaped glass from the Riedel company – created in 2009.

So raise your (Norton) glass this month to Missouri wine and the history of the industry in the state.




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