Tasting room at a winery with interestingly architected roof

June is All About Idaho!

The new frontier of West Coast wines isn’t an obscure Oregon coastal region, or some new valley in California. It’s Idaho.

You read that right: Idaho.

Many young-and-eager alongside older-and-wiser winemakers continue to flush out eastward of Oregon and Washington into the western half of Idaho seeking new soils, untapped terroirs, and expressive microclimates.

Every Monday this month we’ll be offering new articles with relevant information on the new western wine frontier in celebration of Idaho Wine & Cider Month, celebrated every June.

And, with an ever growing direct to consumer marketplace existing within the wine world, hopefully you’ll be all caught up on ID wine history and AVAs by the time you can get your hands on some!

So as we kick this month off, CHEERS! To Idaho Wine & Cider!

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