Three wine sangrias, both red and white wine, with fresh fruit garnish

It’s National Sangria Day!

A (brief) history of modern day sangria:

The desirable beverage’s history stretches far back into the tomes of history, most likely in the Greek or Roman times to a wine-based beverage by the name of Hippocras.  It was often times served warm and could be the origin of mulled wine as well.  Basically sugar, spices and whatever was on hand was steeped in the wine to add extra flavors and enjoyment in ancient times.

The reason for the additions weren’t based upon the origins of modern day brunch or modern picnic dining, but existed because the water was bacteria ridden so a bit of alcohol cleaned the water up a bit, and who wants to drink watered down wine?   No one.  Hence the additions of fruits, sugars and spices.

In the Iberian peninsula, the Phoenician-planted grapes and Roman-planted grapes were handled in a similar way.

Fast forward to the 1964 World’s Fair in New York where the Spaniards had sangria on display, and Americans have gone nuts for the drink ever since.

Check out our in-house sangria recipe here!



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