Portrait of happy Vietnamese father and his adult daughter having dinner at home

It’s Father’s Day!

Dads love beer.

Dads love whiskey.

And Dads love wine!

While we cannot help you with the whiskey or beer categories, we surely can assist in the wine department.

But following suit with this year’s Mother’s Day post, a trip back in time to the Father of Wine.  Mr. Dionysus.

He was the Greek God of Wine & the Grape Harvest, he oversaw all winemaking and grape growing,  he was the son of Zeus and the mortal woman Semele, and the Romans called him Bacchus.

The ritual Christian communion of bread and wine has its roots in Dionysus’ legacy as the followers of Dionysus were known to consume bread and wine to become closer to the god.  Also remember that he gives his great-granddaughters, the Oenotropae, the gifts of touching items to make them into bread, wine and olives.

According to legend, he was the first to discover the culture of the vine and the ability to extract its juice, but was driven mad by Hera and forced to wander the earth.  While wandering he ran into Cybele, who cured him, then he conquered the known world, sans Britain and Ethiopia, spreading the knowledge of cultivating the vine.  Along these conquests, he spent an extended period of time in India.  Later, Alexander the Great would come to a city in India where the locals stated that Dionysus founded the city in the distant past, much to his surprise.

So today, raise a glass to your father, and The Father of Wine, Dionysus!




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